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Star Gazers (0-1 years)

We like to have lots of tactile play, exploring different textures and senses. We especially love sensory play with lights and sounds. As we are so little the grown-ups make sure we have lots of cuddles so that we feel safe and secure.

They always make sure that our individual needs are met by following our routines from home, which means we get to eat and sleep whenever we like. As we grow bigger we all start to follow each other’s routine’s so that we can enjoy meal times together as well as group play.

We have a little garden that we enjoy spending time in too.

This is all lots of fun and we get pictures put into our celebration books so that our families can see what a great time we have at nursery.


Discoverers (1-2 years)

Following on from Star Gazers, we are learning to explore our environment a little more. Our room provides us with different areas of activities for us to experience throughout the day. We really enjoy circle time where we sing songs and dance together, we have lots of giggles doing this.

Messy play is so much fun, our favourite is gloop play. We make marks in this and it feels very sticky.

We like to get very messy as we are trying out new things indoors and outside in the garden. We have a lovely garden with lots of different natural activities set up ready for us to play with.

The staff still give us lots of cuddles if we need them as we are still only little.

Explorers (2-3/3.5 years)

Following on from the Discoverers room we are much more independent now and like to try to do things for ourselves. We like to play in the home corner and Dinosaurs seem to best the best activity.

We are just finding our voices now so circle time and group games are so much fun as we are all little chatter boxes. We also like to sing lots of songs and we know the days of the week and months of the year too.

We really enjoy outdoor play and have great fun on all the equipment in the garden, we all really like the mud kitchen so have to take it in turns to make mud pies.


Inventors (3/3.5-5 years)

Following on from the Explorers room we are now on our last stage of nursery and getting ready to leave for school. This is where we really start to learn letters and sounds and really enjoy our daily phonics.

We like to mark make and learn how to write our names. But we also like to use other ways of writing our names too, like in the mud or sand. We use our imaginations to create different games and the teachers will join in too.

We help the grown ups to prepare snack for our friends and also help with setting up at meal times. This gets us ready for getting our own lunches when we go to school.

There is a really nice quiet sensory room that we can use throughout the day if we want to do a quiet activity or look at a book. There are lots of different sensory toys in here, we turn the lights down and put some calming music on and relax.

Most of all when we are in the Inventors room the grown ups help us to feel safe and become independent. We learn lots of things through play and our families are very happy with the progress we have made to get us ready to fly the nursery nest.

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