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Our Facilities

  • CCTV - throughout the setting. This adds an extra layer of reassurance and security.

  • 4 childcare rooms, each with their own outdoor area which enhances physical development

  • Children gain enormous benefits from learning outdoors, disabled access and facilities

  • Lunch is provided by Muxton Primary School and is currently rated 'Gold' with Shire Catering

  • We hold a '5' on Scores on the doors


Online Learning Journals

Our setting uses Tapestry which is an online learning journal. Allowing all children to have their own individual accounts which records photos, observations and comments inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage to build up a record of every child's experience whilst at Trench Tots.​

This is an effective way of working in partnership with parents/carers which enables us to learn about your child's experiences/ interests at home as well as in the nursery setting.

We also post news letters and memos to keep you informed of any news/ changes.

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