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Trench Tots Nursery is an Ofsted ‘Good’ rated setting providing care and education for children aged from 3 months up to 7 years.

We aim to provide high quality childcare, ensuring each child is cared for in a warm, safe, secure, and caring environment.

We pride ourselves on forming strong yet professional relationships with all our families. Parents and carers can be confident in the care and education their children will receive.

Our staff work closely with all the children to establish where they are in their development and plan next steps to continue to promote their learning. We treat each child as an individual and understand we will need to work in a variety of ways to meet their individual needs.

We follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This is the statutory framework which sets out the 7 areas of learning around which we base our daily activities on. We provide rich learning opportunities and environments which engage our children.

We are inspired by our children and plan and provide experiences based on there interests. By capturing their attention and imagination, we will ensure they grow up to be confident, capable, and ambitious learners.

We are an inclusive setting which strives to meet the needs of any child and their family. All faiths, cultures and races are valued and children are encouraged to engage with the wider community.

We complete online learning journals for all our children which documents their Trench Tots journey. We massively encourage parents and carers to include special moments from home so that we can celebrate the child together.


The Trench Tots Curriculum is based around the 3 I’s, Intent, Implementation and Impact.

At Trench Tots Nursery our vision for the curriculum is to develop each individual child’s holistic development in a safe, stimulating and caring environment. We use the Birth to Five document to relate each child to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We aim for every child to become confident, resilient and happy individuals who feel empowered and ready for the next stage in their lives.


Planning is based around the children’s interests as well as linking with children’s next steps in their development to ensure that the learning opportunities and experiences provided are meaningful. Learning opportunities are differentiated to meet the needs of all individual children. The Curriculum we create is responsive to individual children and their families. We as a team form positive relationships with all of our children and their families. This enables us to have strong knowledge and understanding of all our children, their capabilities, and their needs. Each child will have a key person. The key person is chosen by the child, based on which member of staff they form a close bond with. Each key person also has a key buddy, which is responsible for their buddy’s key group of children in their absence. We provide rich learning opportunities which inspire children’s 7 areas of learning and development. Our aim is to provide safe spaces for children to explore, experiment, develop their own ideas and test their theories. We promote children’s physical development by providing experiences both indoors and outdoors which has a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. We celebrate different cultures and faiths as we encourage children to learn about others beliefs.


At Trench Tots Nursery, we understand that the experiences children enjoy during their early years has a huge impact later in life. The impact of our pedagogy has been to strengthen children’s communication and language by delivering a curriculum that is language rich and will support children to develop an extensive vocabulary. Children are offered a varied approach to learning, and they are encouraged to lead their own learning.

Through our curriculum we can see that each child is happy and ready to move on to the next stage of their lives whether that be transitions within our setting or if they are leaving to go on to a new setting or school.

Our commitment to each child enables them to thrive and to be confident within themselves. High quality early years education will have huge benefits which will enable children to achieve their next milestones and succeed throughout their lifetime.

All our children leave the setting as resilient, confident and ambitious learners having enjoyed their experiences with us.

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